The Estate team was delighted to participate in this year?s Bridal Expo, held at The Marriott in downtown Chicago. This event gave the team the pleasure of meeting many beautiful brides-to-be, wonderful vendors, and witnessing incredible work. At the Bridal Expo, one could see everything from glamorous engagement rings, to honeymoon destinations.

The Estate team had an absolute blast being stationed next to two esteemed colleagues, Derrick Taylor, of Taylor & Co., and Elysia Root, from Elysia Root Cakes! Derrick so graciously designed our space for the Expo. He captured the essence of The Estate perfectly, with timeless Mother of Pearl silverware, a canopy bouquet of orchids, and embellished silver linen. Items were set at a formal dining table, showing guests a classic yet elegant dining experience. Next to our dining table was a cocktail bar set with two silver punch bowls. The bowls were filled with delicious cocktails, created by Revea, mixologist and owner of Femme Du Coupe. The cocktails were some of her signature drinks, the ?Anguria Cooler? and a Rosewater Basil Club Soda. The ?Anguria Cooler? was a huge hit with brides and guests, with flavors such as freshly prepared watermelon and lemon juice, with a hint of Revea?s special lavender honey ingredient. This drink is sure to be a summer hit at any wedding!

Although, all this fun would be possible if it wasn?t for the wonderfully talented Jim Verraros and Bill Brennan, the coordinators for the Bridal Expo! As always, we are so appreciative of your friendship and support!