We are thrilled to have a comprehensive list of creative partners at The Estate that work with our clients to bring dream weddings and events to life. To introduce you to these talented professionals, we asked them a few fun questions about their inspiration, love for Chicago and passion for all things events. Learn more about them in our weekly Vendor Spotlight series and also reach out to our staff via our contact form if you have any questions about hosting your event at The Estate.


{ Favorite Place in Chicago }?
You’ll often find us sipping cappuccinos at La Colombe in the West Loop!

{ Favorite Thing To Do in Chicago }
We are a sucker for weekend brunching. It’s the perfect Sunday rejuvenation after a busy Saturday of weddings!

{ Favorite Wedding Month }?

{ Best Advice For Clients }
We always tell our clients to simplify and prioritize; two words that hold heavy weight coming in to the most important day of your life. If you prioritize what is truly important that day, which is the complexity of your love and the celebration of that with your closest family and friends, and can simplify everything else, you are guaranteed to enjoy every moment of your day and build lovely memories that will be with you forever. We also always build a special moment into the day’s schedule for the couple to just have a moment alone. Whether it’s in the limo alone or sneaking the first glimpse of their reception decor, that 5 minutes will be a treasure forever more.



{ What Makes?Shannon Gail Weddings and Events?Stand Out }
I have heard many times from couples and peers alike that our team has an infectious energy and ability to truly connect with everyone we work for and alongside. I can only equate this aura to our genuine desire to better the planning process for our clients and industry friends by forming a true relationship with each and every person we come across. Planning is an industry of meticulous logistics, but weddings themselves involve so much emotion, that you have to reach the delicate blend of both.

{ Which Wedding Trend Are You Glad To See Go }
We hate to say it, but we aren’t losing sleep over the disappearance of mason jars and burlap.

{ What Trend Do You Foresee Loving }
Mixed Metals! It only takes a few minutes on HGTV to see that the interior design world is finally breaking rules and eliminated the idea that you cannot mix gold, silver, copper, bronze, etc. This is a trend that we are excited to see cross over into events rather than being limited to accenting with just cool silvers or warm golds. And while we are at it, we’re going to wear white after Labor Day too! (We just did a blog post on the 2016 trends here)

{ Where Do You Draw Inspiration }
We draw our inspiration from our couples! We would never want someone to walk into a wedding we designed and say “This is a Shannon Gail Wedding.” Each of our couples has a unique story to tell, and we love the challenge of finding ways to tell it through their wedding. We pay attention to their personalities and experiences which have built the foundation of their relationship, but also draw stylistically from their sense of fashion, home decor, and anything else we can use to pinpoint aesthetic and assist in translating that to the wedding world.

{ What Is The Importance of A Wedding Planner }
For us, we understand budget just as much as we understand luxury. We also understand that a wedding planner might seem to fit in the “luxury” category in the minds of many, however we truly believe that bringing on a liaison, even if for just the last months leading up to your wedding day, is a necessity more so than anything. You simply don’t know what you don’t know in a field that you are new in. A planner can come in, quickly take inventory of your plans, and give you the confidence that nothing is being missed as you head into your wedding day. Whether you are looking for that peace of mind through every step of the way, or to calm your nerves later down the road, it’s highly important you allow yourself to hand over the execution and allow yourself to be the guest at your own wedding.


{ Shannon Gail Weddings and Events }
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