Before You Ask Your Girls To Be Your Bridesmaids, Make Sure To Do These Six Things!

Engagement season is upon us which means new brides to celebrate and new bridesmaids to help shower the bride-to-be! Choosing who will stand by you on the biggest day of your life seems daunting, but we’re here to help with 5 things you should do before picking your bridesmaids.

{ 1. Take Your Time } 
Don’t rush into a bridesmaid proposal! Before you ask your friends to be a part of your wedding party, take some time to consider all the options and who would be best fit for this role. With the excitement of being newly engaged you may be tempted to ask all your girlfriends to be a bridesmaid but keep in mind that once you ask, you can’t take it back.

{ 2. Be Prepared To Explain } 
Most people will understand that as a bride you can’t choose all your friends and family to stand at the altar with you. However, you may want to have an explanation ready so that it’s not awkward when you’re approached with the question “Why didn’t you pick me?” This will ensure that no feelings are hurt and that you can feel confident with your decision.

{ 3. Don’t Ask Them Because They Asked You } 
Make sure to pick people that are closest to you at the time of the wedding and don’t just return a favor to a long-lost friend because she asked you to be in her wedding. Your wedding party will support you from the moment you say “Yes” all the way up until the moment you say “I Do” so don’t pick someone out of politeness.

{ 4. Create a Timeline } 
Being a bridesmaid can be a lot of fun but also a lot of work. Before you ask your gals to help you prepare for this big day, make sure you have a timeline and expectations set for them. Being able to answer questions such as the location and date of the wedding, bridal shower and bachelorette will help your bridesmaids feel prepared and make arrangements ahead of time. It will help the bridesmaids relax and may help them save money on flights, hotels etc. After all, some of your girlfriends may be attending more than 1 wedding in a year so this will help them fit everything into their schedule.

{ 5. Create a Bridesmaid Budget } 
On a similar note, one of the first questions that you will receive from your bridesmaids is “how much is this going to cost me?” From purchasing a bridesmaid’s dress to attending bridal showers and bachelorette parties, there is somewhat of a cost to being a bridesmaid. Providing a certain budget or spending cap will calm the bridesmaid’s nerves and allow them to prepare financially for these events.

{ 6. Make It Fun! } 
Finally, when asking your girlfriends to become your bridesmaids make it memorable! Ask them with a bridal party gift, or get the girls together for a fun dinner! For an extra special touch, personalize the gifts with fun t-shirts or champagne flutes with their names on them. Always be sure to accompany the gifts with a personalized note, it will make your bridesmaids feel that much more special!