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There?s nothing more suavely romantic than an engagement proposal. It?s not about doing it under the moonlight of Paris, or about writing it in red smoke in the skies. It?s about the commitment, the act of asking someone to spend the rest of their lives by your side, promising to be the one to support them and care for them in return. Engagements are the delicate, sweet prelude to weddings ? and we all know there?s nothing in life more enchanting and magnificent than seeing people tie the knot, right?

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If you?re thinking of popping the big question, you definitely want to make sure you choose the perfect piece to do it with. But what are some of the most popular engagement ring ideas right now? We have some inspiring tips for you ? so read on and find out more.

{ Round Diamonds } 

There?s something ethereal and eternal about these pieces. You see them in all fashion eras and you can never get them out of your mind. A round diamond is classy and versatile by definition ? it suits the kind of bride who wants the most amazing long wedding train, just as much as it suits the bride who wants an urban pantsuit for her wedding day.

{ Tear-Shaped Diamonds } 

There?s a bit of melancholy and silent beauty in these pieces. They?re usually incorporated with other elements on the ring (such as smaller diamonds), but they stand out like nothing else does. They?re perfect for the ultra-romantic lady who wants to have a Disney-worthy wedding.

{ Cushion-Shaped Diamonds } 

There?s something vintage and sweet about this diamond shape ? something that makes them a really great choice even for the offbeat brides who want to be different in every respect. Regardless of the size of the stone, this shape is bound to look unique and pretty!

{ Emerald-Shaped Diamonds } 

This type of ring is shaped like a traditional emerald piece: a rectangular stone that is absolutely perfect for women who love statement pieces. Imagine such a beauty on a band with pave diamonds ? or even on a ring that incorporates actual emeralds too!

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Regardless of what ring you settle on, remember that trends are there to inspire, not to require. Choose a ring that?s suitable for your future spouse, not necessarily one that?s glossy-magazine-worthy. This is your moment and this is the ring that will connect your lives in a way you never thought it was possible ? so choose wisely!