Looking for a special way to thank your guests for celebrating with you on your big day? Offering a nice thank you bag is a great unexpected way to show them how much you care and how thankful you are for them being there. We?ve rounded up some of our top suggestions for the theme of your thank you bags ? read on for inspiration!

{ Your Favorite Things }?

It might be sweets, it might be cosmetics, or it could be anything else that represents you. Fill this bag with both of your favorite things if you want to make your guests feel really connected to you and your love story. At the same time, though, do make sure the products you use for your welcome bag will excite your guests and have practical uses as well!

{ Local Things }?

Planning a destination wedding? Create a welcome bag based on the surrounding area and try to include local products ? jams, drinks, sweets, and so on. This is a very nice way of introducing your guests to the best items your wedding location has to offer and helping them create amazing memories of your wedding day.

{ Hangover-Related Things }?

If you know your out of town guests are in for a really big party, create a thank you bag that includes the kind of ?treatment? you would administer for a hangover. Advil or Tylenol, snacks, a Bloody Mary mix ? they can all make for a really fun way to thank your guests who want to party all night long in your honor.

{ Tourism-Related Things }?

Is your wedding location filled with interesting spots? Give your guests welcome bags that include maps, guides, and other elements that will help them spend the weekend discovering the amazing place you have selected for your Big Day. They will love this!

Your thank you bags are just as much about you as they are about your guests ? do include items that make them smile and will give them lasting memories of celebrating your big day. Finding a way to personalize the actual bag or basket too will make everything even more special. No matter what you choose to fill your thank you bags with, we?re sure you?ll guests will be delighted and appreciative of your thoughtful choices!