Your wedding is bound to be one of the single most beautiful and unforgettable days of your entire life ? so it makes all the sense in the world that you want every single detail to be beautifully tied into your love story and fully coordinated with your style and personality. Of course, you will also want to consider the season that you select your wedding date in. Not only will your wedding look and feel better if it?s infused with seasonal elements, but it will be easier for you to find the right ingredients to make for a truly remarkable wedding as well.

What are some of the best wedding flower options for each season? Here are some ideas to help you choose:


Although spring is nearly coming to an end, many couples may be planning a spring wedding for 2020 ? and if that is the case, we totally recommend that you consider spring flowers that infuse everything with gentleness and liveliness. Some of the very best options include lily of the valley, tulips, and lilacs. And if you are searching for something that looks luxurious and opulent, ranunculi will be your best bet!


If there?s one season that is bound to be full of options when it comes to wedding flowers, that is most definitely summer. Some of the most popular wedding flowers of all time abound during this season, including hydrangea and roses. Outside of these options, you can always go for delicate freesias (also available during spring), or something more unique and dashing, like Sweet William ? a dark red bloom that stands out with originality and style.


Although you may not associate this season with a wide range of blooms, the truth is that you have almost as many options as in other seasons. Gerbera is a colorful, lively option, and so are dahlias (the ultimate fall wedding bloom). Furthermore, if you want something more special, consider the option of including delphinium in your arrangements and bouquets ? they are so unique!


Believe it or not, you have quite a few options this season as well. For instance, Christmas roses are a sweet and delicate option. Furthermore, winter plants allow you to add a very special touch to your bouquet as well, with elements like berried Ivy and Amaryllis complementing bouquets and arrangements with a suave winter vibe.

Your wedding flowers should speak about you ? so don?t be afraid to choose the less popular seasonal blooms if they suit you better. Just be sure to coordinate with your florist early so that they can arrange sources for the more unusual or out of season blooms.