Once the wedding is done, you and your loved one will definitely want to celebrate your marriage by going away on a vacation where you’ll have a chance to connect and decompress from the hustle and bustle of the wedding activities! But should you opt for an all-inclusive resort for your honeymoon? What are the pros and cons? We’ve outlined some of the biggest ones below!

One of the major advantages of booking an all-inclusive honeymoon is ease. You’ve already made hundreds of decisions leading up to your wedding, an all-inclusive vacation means the basics are covered and there are minimal decisions to make. From the fact that you will not have to budget for your meals, to the fact that you will have everything within reach (and, a lot of times, many fun activities will be included in the price too), all-inclusive is an attractive option for those seeking a relaxing post-wedding experience!

If, however, you want to feel more adventurous and eat at local restaurants or experience local culture at your own leisure, an all-inclusive may not be the right fit for you. These resorts are often in isolated locations away from major cities. Plus, adventuring outside of the resort may result in paying for food and entertainment separately – and that can potentially defeat the purpose of an all-inclusive vacation. Deciding what kind of vacation experience you and your partner would like to have will help you determine what’s more important to you: the ease of exploring, or staying put to relax!

All-inclusive honeymoons are definitely amazing for many – but for those who want to experience something a little more unique and special might want to consider other options. Consider your personalities and the memories you want to make on your honeymoon and you won’t go wrong!