The Essential Wedding Podcast, hosted by Whitney Drake of Essential Planner Co., is a podcast centered around having conversations that will “encourage mindfulness and intention during your engagement season.” With topics ranging from The 5 Love Languages to Must Knows For Booking Your Wedding Photographer, The Essential Wedding Podcasts offers couples invaluable insight on both the planning process and marriage tips and tricks from experts within the event industry.

Our Managing Partner, Michelle Durpetti, was a recent guest of the podcast where she talked about all things wedding style! Michelle and Whitney talk about unique places to find inspiration, how to make style choices that are timeless, and why you should spend a minimum of one month with a wedding coordinator.

“You’re creating a day where you are going to look at this person and pledge to be their partner in good and in bad. And then you’re going to throw a big party, in your way, to celebrate that you just did that. And you’re going to be surrounded by the people that you like most when you do it. That should not hurt. That should not feel unpleasant.” – Michelle

Listen to the full episode below and learn more about Essential Wedding Podcast HERE!