Today?s real wedding inspiration comes to us from The Estate by Gene & Georgetti, where this beautiful hot-fuchsia inspired wedding of Katie & John took place! A bit about the wedding:

What was your inspiration for your wedding theme/colors?

As my dad lovingly put it during his wedding speech, I was no normal child. Ask a kid what their favorite colors are it?s blue, green, red, you know the normal. What was my favorite color if anyone ever asked me? Hot fuchsia! Apparently at 30 years old, I still hadn?t changed, and that was still my color of choice.

I really didn?t have any kind of theme for the wedding, per se? I am crafty, but I knew I was not crafty enough to put hours of time into designing and making centerpieces, knickknacks, and details to match a theme. I understood that early on, so I went with a vision of the room?s ambiance.

I was hoping for a dimly lit room with an absurd (really absurd) number of floating candles, so that it looked like the room was entirely lit by candlelight. No additional decorations necessary.

My flower inspiration actually came from Canada. I was searching for a bridesmaid dresses in google, I stumbled across a picture from another woman?s wedding; her flowers were absolutely stunning and I didn?t look any further. Naturally, I had to be an internet creeper to figure out if this wedding had more pictures elsewhere, and luckily, the wedding was featured on a website in Canada. I printed the photos from the blog, and my florist made magic happen.

How was the planning process?

Planning a wedding takes a lot of time and effort.I have a few recommendations of things I did along the way that helped the process go smoothly:

Involve your partner:My husband is very roll-with-the-flow.He was a saint and let me run with the planning.I wanted to involve him, so I would come up with 3-5 options that I liked and let him pick the final one.

Know your limits:Understanding what you are and are not willing to take on is key.I knew that we did not want to spend the night of the wedding taking down decorations and packing candles.We paid the florist a little extra for the takedown and got to enjoy the late evening with each other .

Stick to your vision:There will be opinions/infinite options coming from every direction.Once I decided on a vision, I stuck to it.It made eliminating options and coordinating details that much easier down the road.

Try on every wedding dress: After 4 stores of trying on dresses I thought I wanted (but clearly were not working), I had the consultant put me in things she thought I would look good in.Who knew I would end up with a dress I never thought I would like and the complete opposite of what I thought I wanted!

Get recommendations:If you can get vendor recommendations or use someone you have worked with in the past, it saves time and eliminates worry.John?s sister had used Robb Davidson Photography.At their wedding, I had seen the stunning pictures, witnessed his work, and took his business card knowing that was who I was going to hire for our wedding.He was the first vendor I booked.He also recommended our band, The Connexion.He had worked with them in the past; we saw them, loved them, hired them, and they did not disappoint!Our florist was also used by 3 family friends who all provided glowing reviews.

Get a unique guest book: We had our guests sign a painting of a naturally drawn pine tree. Our guests signatures filled in the branches, creating the look of pine needles. We custom framed it and have it hanging in our house. It will be a art piece for the rest of our lives.

Do you have any special or memorable moments from your wedding day you?d like to share?

I have always been referred to as ?that friend?, the ridiculous one. It was only fitting that my dad and I did a unsuspected father/daughter dance. I choreographed (note: I have never taken dance classes) a dance to Grease Lightening and taught it to him via FaceTime complete with written instructions?needless to say it was the most hilarious and entertaining thing I have done with my dad; we have a bonding experience that I will treasure forever.

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The Vendor Team:

{ Cake }??Creative Partner,?Elysia Root Cakes
{ Catering?}??The Estate by Gene and Georgetti
{ Entertainment }?? Connexion Band

{ Floral }??Flowerville

{ Photography } ?Robb Davidson

{ Reception Venue?}??The Estate by Gene and Georgetti