The Estate team is comprised of individuals who believe that everyone is entitled to a beautifully planned and executed wedding or special event, regardless of race, religion, creed, or sexual orientation, and we work very hard to create lovely events that are well celebrated for our clients and their guests.

Chris Rebollo

Event Director

Chris Rebollo joined the team in November of 2015. A graduate of Depaul University and fluent in three languages, Chris brings his business sense and enthusiasm for life to the Estate on a daily basis. With experience in his own family business as well as the non profit field, Chris knows how to build events and weddings for our clients that are organized, energized and unforgettable. Chris is a member of NACE, WIPA, and also served on the auction committee for the Wish Upon A Wedding Gala. When he is not working, Chris enjoys running outdoors and has a traveling soul. He can often be found garnering inspiration from cities all over the world. Contact Chris today to schedule a site visit here at our Estate.

Agustin Trujillo

Event Captain

Agustin Trujillo is proud to serve as your Event Captain here at the Estate. Since joining the team in the Spring of 2016, Agustin has been an integral part of our tastings, and on the day of, bringing our events and weddings to life with grand style and a commitment to excellent service. Agustin participates in industry events and loves to further his education in the industry whenever possible. He is a motivated, dedicated team member, who proudly credits his family for his drive. Since a young age, they instilled in him the value of work, and how important it is to have value behind your word. Contact Agustin today to schedule a site visit here at our Estate.